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The car search engine offers multiple options to list cars from any make and model sorted by their size according to the dimensions of length, width, height, large boot capacity and number of seats. Searching by length allows you to find from small cars to luxury saloons, passing through all the intermediate stages. Consult by width the best cars to park in narrow spaces. Discover also the lower sports cars, SUVs, automobiles with big boot space or 7-seater vehicles.

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Small cars up to 4 meters long with larger boot.
Compact cars up to 4.4 m. long with larger boot.
MPV and SUV up to 4.6 m. long with larger boot.
Saloons up to 4.7 meters long with larger boot.
Vehicles with larger boot.

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Vehicles with 7 seats or more up to 4.7 meters.
Vehicles with 7 seats or more from 4.7 meters.

New automobiles of any make with length between 4100 and 4170 millimeters:

VolkswagenT-Cross 4110 mm 1756 mm 1559 mm 385 - 455 dm3Volkswagen T-Cross
DSDS3 Crossback 4118 mm 1791 mm 1534 mm 350 dm3DS DS3 Crossback
Hyundaiix20 4120 mm 1765 mm 1600 mm 440 dm3Hyundai ix20
RenaultCaptur 4122 mm 1778 mm 1566 mm 377 dm3Renault Captur
Mercedes-BenzSLC 4133 mm 1810 mm 1301 mm 225 dm3Mercedes-Benz SLC
SeatArona 4138 mm 1780 mm 1552 mm 400 dm3Seat Arona
KiaStonic 4140 mm 1760 mm 1520 mm 352 dm3Kia Stonic
CitroenC3 Aircross 4154 mm 1756 mm 1637 mm 410 - 520 dm3Citroen C3 Aircross
FordTourneo Courier 4157 mm 1764 mm 1726 mm 395 dm3Ford Tourneo Courier
Peugeot2008 4159 mm 1739 mm 1556 mm 360 dm3Peugeot 2008
HyundaiKona 4165 mm 1800 mm 1565 mm 361 dm3Hyundai Kona
CitroenC4 Cactus 4170 mm 1710 mm 1480 mm 358 dm3Citroen C4 Cactus
Dimensions of length, width and height of each vehicle are expressed in millimeters.

Useful tools to compare and find automobile dimensions:

Car size comparison

Use the car comparison tool to simultaneously compare the external dimensions of three automobiles to choose from different makes and models.
Similar automobiles in size

Discover which automobiles of any make are similar-sized to the model you choose in its three dimensions of length, width and height.
Parking space simulator
Parking measurements

Simulation of the space occupied by the dimensions of a car parked in its parking. Select make and model and the measurements of the parking space.