Automobile dimensions and sizes of all makes

Simulator of the space occupied by a car in the measurements of its parking

1.- Choose the car to park:


2.- Choose the parking measures:

 Parking length: meters
 Parking width:   meters
 Garage entrance: meters

Approximate simulation of the space occupied by the dimensions of the chosen car in a parking spot of length to width dimensions indicated, including an indicative simulation of complete and partial opening of the doors and a calculation of the lateral and rear clearance distances:
Parking space
Upper parked car
Lower parked car
Parked car

For the parking in a garage which entrance has a limited width (door, columns, etc.), specify the entrance width in the simulator input data to represent the space occupied by the vehicle width with side mirrors deployed (to be considered a minimum additional margin for maneuvering):

Simulation with side mirrors:

Parking entrance into garage with side mirrors
Car with side mirrors deployed
Car to park

Car size comparison

Car size comparison
Use the car comparison tool to simultaneously compare the external dimensions of three automobiles to choose from different makes and models.

Similar automobiles in size

Similar-sized cars
Discover which automobiles of any make are similar-sized to the model you choose in its three dimensions of length, width and height.