Automobile dimensions and sizes of all makes

Measurements of previous Opel / Vauxhall models

Automobiles that are currently not for sale as new but may be in the used car market.
List ordered by length with indication of the years for sale as new.
Width measurements are indicated without the side mirrors (in brackets with the mirrors unfolded).
 Previous models 🔻
Opel Karl (2015-2018)
Opel Karl
See interior
Opel ADAM (2013-2019)
See interior
Opel Corsa 3p (2015-2020)
Opel Corsa 3p
See interior
Opel Corsa 5p (2015-2020)
Opel Corsa 5p
See interior
Opel Crossland X (2017-2021)
Opel Crossland X
See interior
Opel Mokka X (2016-2019)
Opel Mokka X
See interior
Opel Meriva (2014-2017)
Opel Meriva
See interior
Opel Astra (2016-2020)
Opel Astra
See interior
Opel Astra (2020-2022)
Opel Astra
See interior
Opel Combo Tour (2012-2018)
Opel Combo Tour
See interior
Opel Astra GTC (2012-2018)
Opel Astra GTC
See interior
Opel Grandland X (2018-2021)
Opel Grandland X
See interior
Opel Astra 4p (2012-2018)
Opel Astra 4p
See interior
Opel Zafira (2016-2019)
Opel Zafira
See interior
Opel Cascada (2013-2019)
Opel Cascada
See interior
Opel Astra Sports Tourer (2016-2020)
Opel Astra Sports Tourer
See interior
Opel Insignia Grand Sport (2017-2020)
Opel Insignia Grand Sport
See interior
Opel Insignia Sports Tourer (2017-2020)
Opel Insignia Sports Tourer
See interior
Opel Vivaro Combi (2015-2019)
Opel Vivaro Combi
See interior
Opel Vivaro Combi lg (2015-2019)
Opel Vivaro Combi lg
See interior

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