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Trend of larger cars: for or against

Many new generations of the same car model are larger than the previous one. For this reason we open a place for debate here to give your opinion on this trend of larger cars. So, what do you think? are you for or against?

Larger dimensions mean greater interior space, greater boot capacity and greater confidence on the road, but it also means less ease of parking, greater consumption and less agility in the city.
If manufacturers offer new generations of larger cars to the market it is because there is demand for it. If so, why do we need bigger cars now than before? Or is it that there is less variety of small models and we buy cars larger than what we need? How to manage the two types of uses of a car in the same size: contained dimensions during the work week and larger sizes for weekends and holidays?

• The second generations of the BMW X2 in 2024 and the Peugeot 2008 in 2020, significantly larger than the first ones.
• The current generation of the Volkswagen Polo is larger than the first generation of the Volkswagen Golf.
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Percentage for and against larger cars: 👍13.5% and 👎86.5%

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FR 👍13.2% - 👎86.8%
DE 👍7.1% - 👎92.9%
IT 👍10.2% - 👎89.8%
NL 👍28.6% - 👎71.4%
SV 👍33.3% - 👎66.7%

Latest opinions

London, 16-07-2024 👎
Nothing to recommend it. In all respects anti-green. There should be laws restricting the size of cars for the good of the environment.

Dunfermline, 14-07-2024 👎
Most large cars are just wastes of space. Their dimensions inside aren't that great, they are just puffed out to look rugged and tall, but thats just air. No wonder our roads are wearing out so quickly

Inverness, 14-07-2024 👎
Cars get bigger, parking spaces do not.

Berlin, 12-07-2024 👎
Große Autos passen nicht Indie vorhandene Infrastruktur, diese kann man kaum erweitern. Autos sollten nach japanischem Vorbild über die größe besteuert werden. SUV sind das Symbol der Wohlstandsverwahrlosung.

Bristol, 11-07-2024 👎
The width of modern cars is increasing year by year, which makes driving and parking more challenging and stressful than it would otherwise be.

Istanbul, 10-07-2024 👍
Booster engine and resized volume of luggage. Stilish design more sportife aspect.

Stockholm, 10-07-2024 👎
I don't need a larger car

Durham, 10-07-2024 👎
I down sized to a pefectly sized BMW-X1-F48 from a BMW-X3-G01 because it was too big after a BMW-X1-F25. Then came the X1-U11 too big! even the sport seats, wife can't drive it as can't see over the bonnet or get comfortable so I got rid and went back to the X1-F48. Funnily enough the wife's MK-III Toyota Yaris is bigger in all directions than the Mk-1V Yaris/Yaris-X and is essentially a 2 seater for anyone over 5'6" tall. So won't be getting one of them. Super-Minis have all but disappeared. Mazda-2 and Suzuki Swift will be the last. VW T-Cross is bigger than my first X3! Bizaar. Shame houses don't get bigger.

Trowbridge, 09-07-2024 👎
I’m not in favour of the trend towards wider cars.

Epsom, 09-07-2024 👎
they don't fit in my garage

turin, 08-07-2024 👎
due there is no spare space in the big towns, we should force for smaller cars and not to bigger ones.

Manchester, UK, 07-07-2024 👎
Hate it. My Hyundai iX20 has much more boot space than all the current equivalents, even though they are larger overall. All the space seems to be taken up by "styling". I'm in an older house with a narrow drive and don't want to have builders in to widen it just because cars are getting wider!

Stourbridge, 06-07-2024 👎
Cars are too big in general now and particularly these mid-engined Ferraris which started to happen from the 360 onward. They are too wide especially. 80% size would be good. Porsche's suffer too - a Cayman is the size of my old 993.

Dublin, 02-07-2024 👎
I don't like it.

Bristol, 02-07-2024 👎
Too many new cars are too large for cities for easy parking and road widths both town and countryside

Zurich, 02-07-2024 👎
I live in europe and most cars park alongside the streets. Larger cars, besides using more space and making streets and sidewalks narrower, block the view, because they are so high. The trend to SUV is concerning me. As a pedestrian it is annoying to net see over the road, but on a bycicle it is crucial to see everything around for safety!

London, 01-07-2024 👎
Previous generation of MPVs were much more space efficient and didn't waste space by having stupidly large wheels, Seems like they would be a brilliant target for EV models

Here, 01-07-2024 👎
Cars get bigger, but garages, parking spaces and roads don’t grow. So how does that work? Reality is bigger cars also don’t mean bigger cabins so what’s the point?

Weston-super-Mare, 30-06-2024 👎
The problem with larger cars is that we simply don't have the space (in most of Europe). Car parks are already full and the spaces are already tight. Newer larger cars now take up two (!) spaces. Narrow roads mean that two large cars meeting head-on cannot get past each other and we all have to wait while they manoeuvre!

b-9100 sint-niklaas, 30-06-2024 👎
parking places do not grow accordingly

Zagreb, 26-06-2024 👍
Many people I know have 2 cars in one household (some even more). Bigger families require bigger car, smaller is good for the city.

Ottawa , 24-06-2024 👎
I really don't like trend to larger vehicles.

Thame, 23-06-2024 👎
There's hardly any cars available that fit in my garage or the space outside it.

Romsey, 21-06-2024 👎
Too wide, too heavy, too expensive. Too much reliance on touch screens and buttons on steering wheels.

Porto, 19-06-2024 👎
Unnecessary, more expensive, more dangerous for everyone, bad all around.