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Trend of larger cars: for or against

Many new generations of the same car model are larger than the previous one. For this reason we open a place for debate here to give your opinion on this trend. So, what do you think? are you for or against?

Larger dimensions mean greater interior space, greater boot capacity and greater confidence on the road, but it also means less ease of parking, greater consumption and less agility in the city.
If manufacturers offer new generations of larger cars to the market it is because there is demand for it. If so, why do we need bigger cars now than before? Or is it that there is less variety of small models and we buy cars larger than what we need? How to manage the two types of uses of a car in the same size: contained dimensions during the work week and larger sizes for weekends and holidays?

• The second generations of the BMW X2 in 2024 and the Peugeot 2008 in 2020, significantly larger than the first ones.
• The current generation of the Volkswagen Polo is larger than the first generation of the Volkswagen Golf.
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Latest opinions

EDINBURGH, 25-02-2024 👎
Ridiculous and impractical, far too much space being occupied unnecessarily - too much pressure on roads and parking. Often it doesn't even give more interior space - even if people actually needed that, and most don't. New styling just means "puffed up" frames, looks quite aggressive and feels like cars are sticking their elbows out to impose themselves. Sometimes it's impossible to park between two SUVs in a standard car park. Autobesity needs to be stopped - or taxed harder!

Chania, 25-02-2024 👎
It gets ridiculous. Roads, garages and parking lots are just not made for the larger dimensions. In the 80s I had what was considered a large car - Jaguar XJ6 4.2 MkII and it is actually narrower than my new Suzuki Vitara (which is narrow compared to it's competitors)

queen borough, 24-02-2024 👎
parking bays have not changed for years and modern cars don't fit many, of if they do you risk car park dents on panels / doors driveways and garages are still designed for 1980's cars so if you have gates you often struggle to fit a modern car through larger vehicles are less efficient due to the higher wind resistance of a larger frontal area

Moses Lake, 23-02-2024 👎
I do not like the trend of larger cars, but I can see why it became a thing. Speaking from a US perspective, our government passed regulations that do not incentivize car manufacturers to sell smaller vehicles here. That would be fine if they would allow the import of foreign vehicles that could match peoples taste for smaller vehicle types, but imports are severely limited by other regulations that they have on them now.

Watford, 22-02-2024 👎
Apart from the fact that bigger cars are more environmentally unfriendly, many people choose a car based on available parking spaces/garage. If you choose a model which suits all your requirements, it is extremely annoying to find the the same model no longer fits in your allocated space. With the change to eV, cars should be getting smaller not bigger as motive components can be reconfigured to use wasted space much more easily. Also think that the trend to more people being inconsiderate is related to the increase in larger cars. They claim they have the right to use road space the same as everyone else but they are already taking more than their fair share in these crowded times.

Yeovil, 21-02-2024 👎
makes driving annd parking very difficult

Dublin, 21-02-2024 👎
It makes parking so much harder for everyone when cars keep getting bigger.

Worcester, 20-02-2024 👎
Completely insane considering the environment.

WICKFORD, 20-02-2024 👎
Our roads are not wide enough for larger cars especially in an around London. Car parks have a set width and length (different for disabled) for cars you see these large, well huge, cars overhanging the bay by a considerable amount and you can't park next to them as there isn't enough room to get out. They are mostly being driven with just one person aboard so the size is pointless. Unless your family is the size of a football team they are unnecessary.

Nottingham, 20-02-2024 👎
Unnecessary, wasteful, and annoying. They weigh more, so do more damage to road surfaces. Heavier, bigger cars are likely to be more dangerous to pedestrians in accidents. Wider cars don't fit into parking bays, and make it harder for everyone else to get in and out of their vehicles... and if they are widened too, there are fewer of them. As for street parking... people with wide cars routinely park on pavements to avoid blocking the roads, damaging the pavements and causing trouble for people with baby-buggies and wheelchairs. And I have a narrow drive - I need a choice of cars that will fit down it. If obese people need bigger cars, just make special cars for obese people! The "Ford Fat", for example - surely destined to be a best-seller...

Kuala Lumpur, 20-02-2024 👎
Too hard to manouver.

Nyon, 20-02-2024 👎
Cars are becoming too big

Liverpool, 19-02-2024 👎
In the UK. Cars are getting longer, wider and heavier. As in other countries also. But car parking spaces remain the same (old) width and length. On street parking narrows the road width for passing vehicles.

Dublin, 19-02-2024 👎
A large-dimension car is enjoyable in many ways, but the biggest issue for me is the absence of adequately-large parking spaces at supermarkets, shopping centres, and car parks in general. Many car parks were constructed several decades ago when the likes of a VW Golf-size car was the norm. All cars have grown in length, width and height since then, but car park spaces have not increased in width, resulting in the possibility of damage caused by other drivers getting in or out of their closely-parked cars.

Wexford, 19-02-2024 👎
I long for the days of the MPV. If you need 5+ seats with loadspace to match, there is very little other than SUVs to choose from. We are just back from a few days away and we filled our available 645 litre boot. Vehicles now are getting too big and bulky, especially on Irish roads which tend to be narrower than in the UK. Parking is more difficult, passing on narrow roads is more difficult. If I didn't have to move my family around I'd be in an i10 or something!

Lisboa, 18-02-2024 👎
No, not in any way.

Exeter, 16-02-2024 👎
Larger cars just take too much space.

Huddersfield, 16-02-2024 👎
Getting silly - tight for squeezing past parked cars and parking without door dings - and limits choice for an otherwise reasonably sized car if you don't want to squeeze or be dinged.

Glasgow, 16-02-2024 👎
We need smaller, lighter cars with fewer seats. So many cars are single person mobiles

Greece , 15-02-2024 👍
Bigger interior space better boot capacity is the things you need especially for a family!! If you want a smaller car you have too many options. This trend is mostly to SUV’s! An I want to remind the readers here that at 2000’s the cars was like that, at 2010’s the cars had the opposite trend to became smaller!! We used to have a Kia sportage vagon year 2000 now we have the same car but new 2023 and is still smaller inside that the old one.

Stirling, 14-02-2024 👎
Wider cars are making public parking too difficult in the UK, especially with so many people now deliberately and selfishly taking up two spaces.

Amsterdam, 13-02-2024 👎
In my opinion, car sizing is a mental problem on the side of the owners. "What if I need to move?" "What if I go on holiday with my whole family?" "What if I suddenly decide to get myself 4 dogs in my city apartment?" These questions inevitably lead the buyers towards larger cars with more trunk space and more seats. When the desires of the consumers ultimately drive the market to an overwhelming majority of larger heavier vehicles, the smallest cars need to grow to incorporate the necessary crash safety equipment to allow the passengers to survive. As a result of the growth of the smaller car, so too do the large cars grow as they need to be grow even more to set themselves apart. It's a ridiculous loop which has seen even the largest luxury cars grow massively.

Birmingham, 12-02-2024 👎
My Skoda Yeti only just fits in my garage. Its replacements are too long and wide. The Kamiq would be better if it was shorter and narrower than my Yeti.

Reading , 12-02-2024 👎
People seem to need to take everything with them. I often see huge cars (q7 etc.) with roof boxes. Why so much stuff???

LONDON, 12-02-2024 👎
too large for UK roads and parking spaces and garages