Automobile dimensions and sizes of all makes

New luxury cars comparison with dimensions and boot capacity

Discover new luxury cars of all makes sorted by length. Comparison of 20 premium cars of F-segment with their dimensions, boot capacity and longer than 4.6 meters. Automobiles focused on the comfort of their passengers and differing from the category of executive saloons for their exclusive and high-end features. Width measurements are indicated without exterior mirrors and in brackets with mirrors unfolded.

Mercedes-Benz SL

Boot 345 dm3.
Mercedes-Benz SLSee interior

Aston-Martin Vanquish

Boot 368 dm3.
Aston-Martin VanquishSee interior

BMW 8 Coupe

Boot 420 dm3.
BMW 8 CoupeSee interior

Volkswagen Arteon

Boot 563 dm3.
Volkswagen ArteonSee interior

Ferrari GTC4Lusso

Boot 450 dm3.
Ferrari GTC4LussoSee interior

Audi A7 Sportback

Boot 535 dm3.
Audi A7 SportbackSee interior

Maserati Ghibli

Boot 500 dm3.
Maserati GhibliSee interior

Tesla Model S

Boot 804 dm3.
Tesla Model SSee interior

Infiniti Q70

Boot 450 dm3.
Infiniti Q70See interior

Mercedes-Benz CLS Coupé

Boot 520 dm3.
Mercedes-Benz CLS CoupéSee interior

Aston-Martin Rapide S

Boot 317 dm3.
Aston-Martin Rapide SSee interior

Porsche Panamera

Boot 500 dm3.
Porsche PanameraSee interior


Luggage 515 dm3.
BMW 7See interior

Jaguar XJ

Luggage 520 dm3.
Jaguar XJSee interior

Mercedes-Benz S

Luggage 510 dm3.
Mercedes-Benz SSee interior

Audi A8

Luggage 505 dm3.
Audi A8See interior

Lexus LS

Luggage 430 dm3.
Lexus LSSee interior

Maserati Quattroporte

Luggage 530 dm3.
Maserati QuattroporteSee interior

Bentley Flying Spur

Luggage 420 dm3.
Bentley Flying SpurSee interior

Bentley Mulsanne

Luggage 443 dm3.
Bentley MulsanneSee interior
The luxury cars comparison is a representative list of 20 high-end automobiles showing their size and boot space, but may not include all models in order to maintain the list limited. You can complete the list of the longest automobiles or see the full range by car makes. Consult other categories following the links below:
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