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New small cars comparison with dimensions and boot capacity

Discover new small cars of all makes sorted by length. Comparison of 25 supermini cars of B-segment with their dimensions, boot capacity and length between 3.7 and 4.1 meters. Smaller cars than the compact category, but with more space than the city category keeping tight dimensions for easy parking. Width measurements are indicated without exterior mirrors and in brackets with mirrors unfolded.

Mitsubishi Space Star

Boot 235 dm3.
Mitsubishi Space StarSee interior

MINI 3-door

Boot 211 dm3.
MINI 3-doorSee interior

Lancia Ypsilon

Boot 245 dm3.
Lancia Ypsilon

Suzuki Swift

Boot 265 dm3.
Suzuki SwiftSee interior

Ford Ka+

Boot 270 dm3.
Ford Ka+See interior

Toyota Yaris

Boot 286 dm3.
Toyota YarisSee interior


Boot 285 dm3.
DS DS3See interior

MINI 5-door

Boot 278 dm3.
MINI 5-doorSee interior

Suzuki Baleno

Boot 355 dm3.
Suzuki BalenoSee interior

Nissan Micra

Boot 300 dm3.
Nissan MicraSee interior

Citroen C3

Boot 300 dm3.
Citroen C3See interior

Skoda Fabia

Boot 330 dm3.
Skoda FabiaSee interior

BMW i3

Luggage 260 dm3.
BMW i3See interior

Honda Jazz

Luggage 354 dm3.
Honda JazzSee interior

Audi A1 Sportback

Luggage 335 dm3.
Audi A1 SportbackSee interior

Hyundai i20

Luggage 326 dm3.
Hyundai i20See interior

Ford Fiesta

Luggage 292 dm3.
Ford FiestaSee interior

Renault Clio

Luggage 366 dm3.
Renault ClioSee interior

Volkswagen Polo

Luggage 351 dm3.
Volkswagen PoloSee interior

Peugeot 208

Luggage 265 dm3.
Peugeot 208See interior

Dacia Sandero

Luggage 320 dm3.
Dacia SanderoSee interior

Seat Ibiza

Luggage 355 dm3.
Seat IbizaSee interior

Opel Corsa

Luggage 309 dm3.
Opel CorsaSee interior

Mazda 2

Luggage 280 dm3.
Mazda 2See interior

Alfa-Romeo MiTo

Luggage 270 dm3.
Alfa-Romeo MiToSee interior

Kia Rio

Luggage 325 dm3.
Kia RioSee interior

Fiat Punto

Luggage 275 dm3.
Fiat PuntoSee interior

Renault Zoe

Luggage 338 dm3.
Renault ZoeSee interior
The small cars comparison is a representative list of 25 urban automobiles showing their size and boot space, but may not include all models in order to maintain the list limited. You can complete the list of automobiles with length up to 4.1 meters or see the full range by car makes. Consult other categories following the links below:
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