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Suzuki Swift 2024 dimensions, boot space and interior photos

Suzuki Swift 2024 dimensions with length, width and height
Petrol mild hybrid

Suzuki Swift 2024 dimensions.

Suzuki Swift 2024 boot space
ZoomBoot space: 265 liters.
Suzuki Swift 2024 dashboard
Suzuki Swift 2024 interior
ZoomInterior space with 5 seats.
The Suzuki Swift has a length of 3860 mm, a height of 1495 mm and a width of 1735 mm without the exterior mirrors. Motorization: Petrol mild hybridpetrol mild hybrid. Because of its exterior size, we classify the Suzuki Swift in the category of small cars. This new model is 20 mm longer, has the same width and has the same height compared to the dimensions of the 2017 Suzuki Swift.
Exterior of the Suzuki SwiftExterior detail of the Suzuki SwiftInterior detail of the Suzuki Swift
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Current Suzuki Swift dimensions to compare with previous models

Suzuki Swift 2024 dimensions and boot space of 265 liters:

Suzuki Swift 2024 dimensionsSuzuki Swift 2024 boot spaceSuzuki Swift 2024 dashboardSuzuki Swift 2024 interior

Suzuki Swift 2017 dimensions and boot space of 265 liters:

Suzuki Swift 2017 dimensionsSuzuki Swift 2017 boot spaceSuzuki Swift 2017 dashboardSuzuki Swift 2017 interior
Last opinions on the Suzuki Swift 2017 size:
✎ Delhi, 20-07-2022  (4/5)
✎ Manchester, 18-06-2022  (3.8/5)
After 15000 miles in 1.0 boosterjet mild Hybrid; UK SZ5 spec. Plenty of performance with great economy and excellent reliability.Cannot understand why this peppy engine was dropped from the range. 47mpg around town with 61+ on a longer run. Space upfront is fine, but a bit cramped in the rear seats for adults. Boot space is just average. Sat-Nav system is slow and looses signal too easily. Suspension is too unforgiving for the poor standard of average road surface in England..lots of bump and crash. Build quality is a bit lacking in comparison to other asian manufacturers, but you do get a lot of car for the money!
✎ Copenhagen, 29-10-2021  (4.2/5)
'Bang for the buck'. 2019. 28.000 km/17.500 miles. Danish top-spec(full LED, CC, adap. cruise, aut. lights). "+" : Overall feels like a bigger car(boxy, raked windscreen and headlights not 'stretched' = 'real' bonnet). Interior space fine in front(I'm 186 cm/6 feet). In back 'mediocre', as for the 7" infot. and speakers; I use Android Auto. 1.2 Dual-jet mild-hybrid running smooth and quiet. 27.2 km/l(2.8 UK mpg) town+motorway(max. 95 km/t, 60 mph) with 99% 'efficient' driving style(in-gear engine braking, coasting, high gears). Still fun to drive, though! Trailer hook boosting versatility. "-" : Clutch 'jagged' when cold - had it replaced, as Suzuki Denmark recognized it as a production failure. Still 'jagged', though! Body plates very thin - you can dent a front wing by leaning on it!
✎ Bangalore, 19-09-2021  (3.8/5)
Great car really recomended

Suzuki Swift 2013 dimensions and boot space of 211 liters:

Suzuki Swift 2013 dimensionsSuzuki Swift 2013 boot spaceSuzuki Swift 2013 dashboardSuzuki Swift 2013 interior
Last opinions on the Suzuki Swift 2013 size:
✎ Sheffield, 25-10-2022  (4.8/5)
2015 1.2 Dualjet 4x4 SZ5. Good spec, Garmin design stereo satnav, full keyless entry, cruise & speed limiter. Auto climate control. Yeah some hard plastics but pleasant design which is standing the test of time. Owned since new and still looks like new. Easy to clean interior. Boot size is small, but to be expected. Fold seats down for larger items which is easily done. Always feel settled even on rough surfaces, poor roads are soaked up well. Driving in snow or ice is a pleasure as nothing phases it. Super reliable with bullet proof Japanese quality.

Suzuki Swift 2010 dimensions and boot space of 211 liters:

Suzuki Swift 2010 dimensions

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