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New small crossover comparison with dimensions and boot capacity

Discover new small crossover of all makes sorted by length. Comparison of 15 cars with their dimensions, ground clearance, boot capacity and length shorter than 4.2 meters. They are compact vehicles usually based on hatchbacks, but higher and with off-road aesthetic but not many 4x4 features, as they are usually designed to be driven on the road. Width measurements are indicated without exterior mirrors and in brackets with mirrors unfolded.

Suzuki Ignis

Ground clearance 18 cm. Boot 260 dm3.
Suzuki IgnisSee interior

Ford Ka+ Active

Ground clearance 15 cm. Boot 270 dm3.
Ford Ka+ ActiveSee interior

Hyundai i20 Active

Ground clearance 16 cm. Boot 326 dm3.
Hyundai i20 ActiveSee interior

Ford Fiesta Active

Ground clearance 15 cm. Boot 311 dm3.
Ford Fiesta ActiveSee interior

Dacia Sandero Stepway

Ground clearance 20 cm. Boot 320 dm3.
Dacia Sandero StepwaySee interior

Ford EcoSport

Ground clearance 19 cm. Boot 356 dm3.
Ford EcoSportSee interior

Renault Captur

Ground clearance 17 cm. Boot 377 dm3.
Renault CapturSee interior

Nissan Juke

Ground clearance 18 cm. Boot 354 dm3.
Nissan JukeSee interior

Seat Arona

Ground clearance 19 cm. Boot 400 dm3.
Seat AronaSee interior

Kia Stonic

Ground clearance 18 cm. Boot 352 dm3.
Kia StonicSee interior

Kia Soul

Ground clearance 15 cm. Boot 354 dm3.
Kia SoulSee interior

Citroen C3 Aircross

Ground clearance 17 cm. Boot 410 dm3.
Citroen C3 AircrossSee interior

Peugeot 2008

Ground clearance 16 cm. Boot 360 dm3.
Peugeot 2008See interior

Hyundai Kona

Ground clearance 17 cm. Boot 361 dm3.
Hyundai KonaSee interior

Suzuki Vitara

Ground clearance 18 cm. Boot 375 dm3.
Suzuki VitaraSee interior

Audi Q2

Ground clearance 15 cm. Boot 405 dm3.
Audi Q2See interior
The recent boom of Crossover and SUV terms makes it difficult to classify some automobiles in a given category as it is not always clear a specific definition. In this category of small crossovers, and beyond classification based on size, we incorporate features criterion to place these cars between hatchbacks and 4x4 cars, with crossovers closer to hatchbacks for their main use in the city and then SUVs with main use on road without full need of off-road requirements.
In addition, the MPV category could also be applied to some crossovers or SUVs and, although it is sometimes difficult the classification, we reserve Multi Purpose Vehicles for the automobiles whose main objective is to maximize the interior space.

The small crossover comparison is a representative list of 15 automobiles showing their size and boot space, but may not include all models in order to maintain the list limited. Some vehicles may have higher ground clearance depending on the suspension. You can complete the list of automobiles with given height or see the full range by car makes. Consult other categories following the links below:
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